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  1. where are you from? - UK
  2. what’s your favourite tv programme? - Um I can’t choose! Idk Once Upon A Time? Or maybe MIC? I actually don’t know
  3. one thing you want to do before you die? - Hm I don’t know… There’s a lot… Maybe something to do with travelling… I cant decide
  4. person that means the most to you? - Family and friends, yet again I can’t decide. Love them all. Very much
  5. what do you want to do in the future? - Something to do with writing, songwriting / writing books, something like that kinda
  6. which celebrity would you let lick your face? - There’s many. Many. All memebers of1D, 5sos, the vamps. Lol that’s probably it tbh. Oh and All Time Low. Of course
  7. what is your favourite book? - Looking for Alaska / If I Stay
  8. which superhero would you be? - Catwoman hehe jokes I’m too clumsy and I’d hit someone probably accidentally and start apoligizing. I’m laughing it would be so bad hahah
  9. where would you like to live in the future? - Not sure. A city
  10. what is your favourite season? - All of them. I love them equally for different reasons hehe
  11. which song best describes your current situation? - If there was a song called “I Actually Don’t Know if I Like You or if I’m Romantizing Everything” Then that but probably Fix You? Or The Scientist or something coldplay. But I’m really feeling Ariana Grande, NO I GOT IT PROBLEM OR BREAK FREE OKAY THERE WE GO PROBABLY PROBLEM OMG. ok

My questions

  1. Favourite place?
  2. Closest friend?
  3. Something that makes you happy?
  4. Favourite song?
  5. Favourite artist?
  6. Your favourite movie and why?
  7. Ideal date?
  8. Are you crushing on anyone and if you are why?
  9. Who has been there for you through the hard times?
  10. Have you ever felt insecure?
  11. Something you would say to your younger self?

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